Elias Boudinot


    "Elias Boudinot, founder of the American Bible Society, was born in Philadelphia on May 2, 1740, and became a lawyer, active as an advocate of the revolutionary cause and active in politics.  He was a member of the Continental Congress and became president of that body in 1782.  In that capacity he signed the 1783 treaty of peace which officially ended the American Revolution.  He helped secure New Jersey's ratification of the federal Constitution and served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1789 to 1795.  He was a close friend of George Washington, who in 1795 appointed him director of the Philadelphia mint, an office he held until 1805. 

    Boudinot served as a trustee of the College of New Jersey, now Princeton University, from 1772 until his death in 1821.  He founded the American Bible Society in 1816 and served as its first president until he died.  It is interesting to note that among the several books and shorter works with which he is credited is The Second Advent [The full title is The Second Advent, or Coming of the Messiah in Glory, Shown to Be a Scriptural Doctrine, and Taught by Divine Revelation, From the Beginning of the World, Trenton N.J.. An exhaustive discussion of the theme of the second advent, as noted in The Midnight Cry, by Francis Nichol], published in 1815.  Thus, a decade and a half before the Millerites or Mormons, Elias Boudinot showed his faith in the second advent." 1844 Volume 1 p. 321

    The organized distribution of Bibles in America originated in Philadelphia to distribute the King James Version was popular and soon was copied in New York and New England.  Soon Bible societies started popping up everywhere, by 1814 Elias Boudinot conceived the plan for a national organization, and in 1815 presented it to the New Yorkers.  He stated that New York City, because of its central location would provide an excellent national headquarters.  The New Yorkers naturally agreed but feared that New Englanders and Philadelphians might object.  Which they did.  But finally on May 8, 1816 sixty men from thirty-five societies met in the Garden Street Dutch Reformed Church in New York City.  After a long discussion they voted overwhelmingly to form a national organization.

    Because of men like Elias Boudinot who was used by YAHUWAH to prepare the way for the great Advent Awakening, as sounded by William Miller, Joshua Himes who warned the world of the judgment to come.  YAHUSHUA did not come to this earth as they expected, but He did come  "to the Ancient of days, and they brought Him near before Him." Dan. 7:13.  Into the Most Holy place where the Ark of His testament resides, with the tables of ten commandments and the book at the side.  There YAHUSHUA is doing the final work preparatory to His return to this earth.

    Now sacred name Scriptures are coming out in fulfillment of the Scriptures themselves.  "The words of YAHUWAH are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times." Ps. 12:6.  "Eliyahu truly shall first come, and restore all things." Matt. 17:11.  You mean the sacred name? Yes, by all means it is to be included.

    Elias Boudinot was an early American Reformer and patriot, he was a half blood Cherokee and editor of the Phoenix Newspaper a paper published in the cause of American Indians, as American Indians were hated much in those days.

    "An enthusiastic successor of Adair was Dr. Elias Boudinot whose work, A Star in the West; or, a Humble Attempt to Discover the Long Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, Preparatory to Their Return to Their Beloved City Jerusalem was published at Trenton New Jersey in 1816." Hand Book of American Indians p. 775

    Jerome Clark in his book 1844 Volume 1 Religious Movements   refutes Joseph Smith as a true prophet, who got his idea of the American Indians being the lost tribes of Israel from Solomon Spaulding.  Clark states, "But unknown to Spaulding, a back-woods preacher named James Adair, in 1735, (the earliest source) had developed much the same idea in his History of the American Indians.  This much about Spaulding and his manuscript is true.  At this point, the scholar must approach the story with extreme caution." p. 101

    Elias Boudinot quotes many early American writers and preachers who had evidences of the American Indians being the lost tribes of Israel, namely James Adair and Ethan Smith from his book  View of the Hebrews.  Elias elaborates quite a bit on the text in the Apocrypha found in II Esdras 13:40-42 applying it to children of Israel crossing the Bering Strait coming into the Americas.

    A passage that I think fascinating, "It is said among their principle, or beloved men, that they have it handed down from their ancestors, that the book which the white people have was once theirs.  That while they had it they prospered exceedingly; but that the white people bought it of them, and learnt many things from it; while the Indians lost their credit, offended the great spirit, and suffered exceedingly from their neigh-boring nations.  That the great spirit took pity on them and directed them to this country.  That on their way they came to a great river, which they could not pass, when (Elohim) dried up the waters and they went over dry shod."  A Star in the West p. 110, 111.  (This book was probably some Torah manuscript)

    Elias brings to view many good arguments, Circumcision, their ugly ark, using the word Halleluyah in their religious gatherings, and their praise to Yo He Wah.

    Elias quotes such Scripture texts like Isaiah 11:11-15;  43:5, 6;  49:12 and many more in support of their return to Jerusalem.  But they are misapplied in stating that these children of Israel are to be gathered to Old Jerusalem, the prophets saw into the distant future the type Jerusalem pointed to which was Jerusalem alright, but the "heavenly Jerusalem" Hebrews 12:22, also called "Jerusalem which is above" Galations 4:26.  Also called New Jerusalem.  This is what the prophets saw the children of Israel being gathered to, and even YAHUSHUA Himself declared as in Matthew 13:30, "my barn".  Israel is referring to Abrahams seed.  "If you be the Messiah's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." Gal 3:29

    Don't think you will be saved because Abraham is your literal father, Yahuchanan said, "YAHUWAH is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham." Mt. 3:10.  "By faith Abraham . . . looked for a city (not old Jerusalem)